Bank SWIFT Code List

SWIFT CODE is a unique 8-11 alphanumeric characters to standardize international financial institution in SWIFT network. It is also known as BIC (Bank Identifier Code) which is the coding use in transferring money to bank accounts globally.

On money remittance through wire transfer, you definitely need the S.W.I.F.T. code so I’l be compiling here this special number to host a one stop one reference where you can find all the swift number of banks from various countries.

Feel free to use below swift code bank list:

  • Indonesia Bank Swift Codes
  • Banks in India Swift Codes
  • Banks in Adelaide Swift Codes
  • Banks in Bulgaria Swift Codes
  • Banks in Scotia Swift Codes
  • Banks in Canada Swift Codes
  • Philippine Banks Swift Codes


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14 thoughts on “Bank SWIFT Code List

  1. I would like to transfer some money from my bank account to a friend banks account in the same province. THe 2 banks are totaly different.


  2. To Farid Emilio. You can do that thru telegraphic transfer or when i was with bpi we call it “imtt domestic”. this is a transaction that goes to pchc clearing house and transferred within the day but credited and can be withdrawn the following day for major cities only. Unfortunately, only in some selected provinces that they have this transaction because rarely provincial staff & officers are not in anyway interested in this transaction. Also, in the province it is only available for withdrawal/encashment on the 3rd or fourth day same with local clearing of checks.


  3. Dear Sir.

    Please can you guide me how we can find bank swift codes.we are trying but we couldn’t find.

    Please advice us ……waiting for your posiyive reply


  4. Dear Sirs,

    Would you do me a big favor that I need to reconfrim a swift code of CITIBANK of Madrid. The one I got is CITIES2M and the address of this bank is C/ORENSE 27 – 28020 Madrid, SPAIN.

    I’m not sure is it correct so please help me check out it. I appreciat for your help. My email address is or cynthia08957@gmail If possible, please do me a favor! Thanks & regards, Cynthia


  5. can’t i get a list of banks across the globe, where i can search basis banks name and find the swift ID…


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