Wealth Building: Where do I Begin?

In the previous post I’ve shared you a link where I can access a bunch of free finance ebooks that maybe useful for my quest to financial freedom. Now that I’ve got the investing and money article, can I jump start fixing our finances?

Well not yet, I prefer to construct and study first my game plan. I know I can’t just wave a magic stick and say “Let there be wealth!” If the building wealth is as easy as that then I’m sure there are many happy people around..

I started searching for a systematic approach how do I begin, incidentally, I landed on the site of The Simple Dollar, talking about “31 Days to Fix Finances“. A very clearly written article that I think Trent intentionally wrote for me.. :)


Trent shows how to fix finances in 31 days and was divided in five stages:

  1. Figuring Out Your Goals and Values
  2. Evaluating Your Situation
  3. Building You Own Life Budget, Not Following Someone else Prescription
  4. Looking At Your Life, Piece By Piece
  5. Setting The Stage for Lifelong Sucess

This is a good starting point and I think this will work . For my upcoming post I’m going to share you my perspective of fixing my finances following the 31 days concept.

If you havn’t decided yet taking charge of your finances then I suggest you head on to the link I shared above.

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