WiseWealthBuilder Building Wealth Wisely…

Wealth, according to wiki is from the old English word “weal”, which means “well-being” or “welfare“. The term was originally an adjective to describe the possession of such qualities. “Wealth” has come to mean an abundance of items of economic value, or the state of controlling or possessing such items, and encompasses money, real estate and personal property.

WiseWealthBuilder as the name imply, will basically cater topics about wealth or investment and also a bit of my personal experiences in pursue of building wealth wisely. This little site would host articles about personal finance, savings, frugality and other subjects that I may come across in the quest of hunting the golden goose that will lay golden eggs. When I find this golden goose, I will study to breed it and share it with you my dear readers and followers.

The first step of Building Wealth Wisely journey starts from here and I do hope that you will join me on this little free financial adventure.. :)

Wish me luck and have a nice day to everyone!

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